The Cleburne Education Foundation (CEF) was born out of a committee called the “Friends of Cleburne” which was formed in 2009 to lend a positive influence to our school district. Three members of that committee began to formulate the idea of creating an education foundation. In March 2011, the Board of Directors was established and the by-laws, which included the formulation of a 501(c)(3), were set up by the Foundation Board. A Founders’ Fundraising campaign was initiated and conducted through 2011-2012. Initial grants were awarded for special projects at the campus level in 2012.

The first Innovative Grant Award Cycle was conducted in 2013 with 11 grants totaling $26,948 awarded. The grants provided supplemental resources for reading, math, English/Language Arts, Music, Science and Writing.

In the spring of 2014, CEF awarded 18 grants totaling $35,814 to fund various types of technology equipment to provide advanced lab resources for science classes for grades 7-12, technology for enhancing reading and writing skills, math and English/Language Arts skills, as well as other classroom resources to expand student learning opportunities.

In August 2014, CEF provided awards of $100 to 39 “rookie” teachers to help them establish their classrooms. Bennett’s Office Supply, Scholastic Books, Staples and Walmart added discounts to further extend the value of the awards. The First Christian Church partnered with CEF to help provide funds for elementary teachers. Feedback from these teachers was overwhelmingly positive and confirmed the value of the support for first year teachers.

On March 6, 2015, CEF awarded nine Innovative Grants totaling $31,852 to 12 teachers at seven campuses. Awards include technology to enhance math instruction, a campus literacy library, a supplemental on-line American History curriculum, stability balls for first grade classrooms, supplies/ equipment to enhance a campus physical education program, technology to expand an existing Robotics program, and iPads and iPod Shuffles to enhance and reinforce classroom instruction.

Additional types of awards are being introduced by CEF to include “Mini-Grants” for smaller projects, Campus Grants that will benefit an entire campus and Discretionary Grants (see the Grants page for more information).

Thank you to our generous donors for making these grant awards possible.