CEF Award Patrol presents “Big Checks” to Grant Winners

The CEF Award Patrol presented a “Big Check” in the amount of $4,913.00 to Innovative Grant Award winner Mindy Wilborn at Irving Elementary. The Grant will provide iPod Shuffles and books for her students to take home during the week to reinforce and extend the learning day for struggling readers.

In March 2015, the CEF “Award Patrol” visited seven campuses and presented nine “Big Checks” to 12 teachers for Innovative Grants submitted to the Foundation.  The Award Patrol included members of the CEF Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, the CISD Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Curriculum Coordinators and other administrative staff.

Innovative Grants are awarded for requests which will expand and enhance instructional resources to provide enriched learning opportunities for students. The visits to classrooms to present the awards are the highlight of the year for many CEF members who work diligently throughout the year to generate the funds to make these grant awards possible.  Watch for future news items highlighting each of the grant awards.


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