Grant Overview

The Cleburne Education Foundation (CEF) Grant program was created to provide an opportunity for teachers to apply for grants to fund projects/programs for which there are no state or local funds available. CEF expanded its grant offerings in 2014 to meet a wider range of needs for enhancing student learning opportunities.

Excellence in Education – Innovative Grants

The Excellence in Education Innovative Grants are designed to encourage teachers to apply for funds that will allow them to enhance their classroom instruction through innovative teaching strategies, advanced technology, and creative instructional tools that help facilitate differentiated instruction to better meet student learning needs.  Applications are scored on a number of criteria including the purpose and need for the project, anticipated student outcomes, number of students served, innovativeness of the project and quality of the evaluation plan. Applications are due in January each year and grants are awarded in early March. Grant requests for up to and including $5,000 are considered.

Rookie Awards

In August of each year, first-year teachers may submit a simple application to request an award to help establish their classrooms for the beginning of school. Local merchants may provide additional amounts or discounts to extend the value of the awards.

Campus Grants

Grant applications will be accepted during the summer from campus principals to support campus level projects. Applications may be funded in an amount up to $5,000 and may provide for projects that identify and address needs unique to the campus.

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A Mini-Grant application cycle is scheduled in September for certified staff to request up to $500 for instructional resources that are not covered in campus or district budgets or in state or federal special project funds. Application forms and detailed information is made available in August with awards announced in October.

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Discretionary Grants

A limited number of grant awards are available for campus principals to request assistance during the school year to meet unexpected/emergency needs that cannot be met through campus or district budgets. Examples include things such as special programs, training opportunities, academic competition fees, etc. that were unknown during the budget process.


Are you a Cleburne ISD teacher in need of help with covering the cost of educational tools for your classroom? Do one of the above applications fit your need? Fill out the application form for the appropriate grant and submit it here!